August 31 and September 1/2

Headed out on the 31th to 70ft or so….DESERT!  SAY WHAT?   so we decided to track north and we found them.    Deep in the water column, but once we were there a great bite!

On the 1st…natural move is to head back to same water….no significant change in temp, directions, etc overnight ….and WHAT??? Ice water.  14 degree break between 50 and 55 on rigger in 70 ft.   Head north, out to 100 ft+ and we found them again!

Frank and Tim had it down for the most part….and so did Buttercup!

September 2….didn’t like look on radar…but it was a ways away…and then it got closer, and closer….had a good bite going….but time to get the heck out of there!!!!

140-165 clipped divers, 6 and 8 color on the boards.  All  sticks.  50 and 60 ft riggers with small spoons.  Finally got chute rod working today after a couple of days of no show…300 copper with a shallow stick.

Lisa wants to catch one hopefully forecast holds!

August 24/25/26

The consistent 2018 fishing continues….despite some rough water conditions over the last week.   The fish, for us, moved a bit farther offshore then they have been…75-90 vs 60 ft a couple of weeks ago.  Down temp really warmed up, and the fish went deep.   Didn’t take us too long to swap out the high lines for 10 color, copper and deep riggers and divers.

Our Friday group was cancelled due to weather several times in 2017, and had to move once due to a conflict this season, so it was nice to finally get out and on some fish.    Really improved once we ditched that banana!

Saturday was rolling pretty hard, and everyone hung in there!  Great early bite.

Because that bite was so good, we rolled out after our trip to grab a few so we could have a walleye dinner and weren’t disappointed!

And finally Sunday…another rolling Lake Erie day….but very solid action, especially the first hour or so!

Same basic lure package….divers on the boards, small spoons on the riggers and a mix of shallow sticks on the walker divers.  Only real difference was the adjustment to deeper settings.   I should note too that we dropped to a 5 rod set Saturday and Sunday…2 riggers at 62 and 68, 2 divers at 170-185 on #2 and a 300 copper down the chute.

One comes in, one goes out…..

So two years ago we bought a 15′ Blue Fin, so Jack had a boat to bass fish off of, and a chance to learn the lake a bit, and to handle the waves a bit.    Mission accomplished, but time to move up to something a bit more Lake Erie worthy…..

So…out with the Blue Fin…..

And in with the replacement…..

Not much bigger, but more stable, slightly deeper and  with the addition of a top and side curtains this fall…. a lot more Lake Erie ready!

Not sure about the name yet….might prove to be time to name on “Black Jack” after my father and Jacks grandfather……

August 10/11/12/13

The great fishing of 2018 continues!   2018 will be defined for sure by a strong class of 16-18″ fish….which bodes extremely well for the next couple of seasons.   We have adjusted our tactics slightly and have been able to work those higher fish a little better than we have seen in the past.

So, we had a cancellation that was filled up by my sister and her crew, northeast blow that built a bit….but got good numbers..

Short trip on the llth….had a decent bite plus a bonus laker….

Repeat groups both Sunday and Monday…thank you very much for that….nice bunch of eaters and a slob laker…..and Michael, Dakota and Eli (the walleye guy) with a limit of walleye and 2 lakers ….

Pretty much same program as it’s been of late…inside waters…diving sticks of 4 to 7 color on the boards…120-145 divers with sticks and spoons and small spoons popped of the riggers….

Mother Nature hurt us last few days but back at it Friday, I hope…



2018 Conservation Club Derby-August 3/4/5

I have fished deepwater on the Great Lakes since 1986, including a portion of the hey-days in the late 80’s/early 90’s.   Granted equipment that I have now is way better, and I think I’ve learned a few things…but WOW, I don’t know how to describe how great the 3 day derby was.   Over 130 walleye boated, the majority really nice “eaters”.   Great fun fishing or charter fish, for sure, but not derby winners.

We had a few good ones and started really strong with a 4th place finish on Friday.   We couldn’t stay on the bigger fish, and slipped to a respectable, but not great 22nd place by Sunday.

My brother made a guest appearance on the team on Saturday, which was nice considering he got our biggest fish of the day, and definitely the most walleye action he’s been on.

For us, we had a great consistent rigger bite on the inside waters with small spoons…not so much offshore.   Divers and boards kind of alternated being hot, with the best of that a 145 diver with a watermelon WD spoon.   Off the boards were 6/7 color with shallow and diving sticks.  The Purple Wish Bay Rat was pretty effective, as were perch pattern shallow divers.   Had a tough time getting an effective chute rod bite.

And after last years horrid weather, was really nice to have a nice lake to fish!

Congratulations to G-Man on the win, and to all our fellow teams.


July 27/28/29 and 31!

When you live on the eastern end of Lake Erie, you know that Mother Nature can be cruel at times.   Forecast looked like it would be a good, but both the 27th and 28th found us looking at waves rolling on the breakwall, waterspouts, waves of the cliffs to the east of the harbor and so on.   Major disappointment!

The 29th started out with quite a bit of leftover roll (to be expected) and ultimately laid down very nicely.  Fish were in a very cooperative mood for Rob and his family….glad we were able to flop their normal August date forward!

July 31 was just an awesome day.  Forecast rain never materialized, flat lake, lots of action with a bonus 12lb laker on top.

Same rigs we’ve been running in general…110-140 divers (spoons have been better of late), 5-7 color off the boards with mostly diving baits (#LOVEBAYRATS), and continuous working over the riggers!

July 21

Charlie and his brother Bill came for their annual trip.   Charlie and I go back to 2004, as he was one of the first couple of trips we did.   We really appreciate the long time repeat business!

Another south wind push, but not nearly as bad as the day before.  Lots of action again, plus a couple bonus steelhead in the mix!

Same program/tackle/depths as last two days!  NICE!

July 19/20

July 19 was a beautiful day on the lake and the fish were really cooperating.   Matt and crew really got it done!

July 20 had Jarrod, George and Chad and another great day.   Strong south winds had us doing a long one way south to north troll, but it was certainly worth it!   First time in a few days that we saw some bigger fish, with an 8lb and 9lb in the box!

Same MO last two days…60-95 north south, just west of the harbor.  Mix of 2, 3 and 5 color with shallow and diving sticks, 40 and 49 rigger with WD’s and 6 color down the chute with a shallow stick bait.  Divers from 80-110 out.   Fish are still up in the water column.


July 16/17

Finally, FINALLY!  We got a few days of nice southwest flow, and no northeast wind…and all of a sudden game on again!

Had Tom and his crew on Sunday, July 16.   Started out a bit to the west of the harbor, but got a call from our buddy Mark on 365 that we might want to come back towards the harbor a bit and away we went.   Great box of eaters and a great group of guys.

Monday, we had our pal Drake again with Lindsey, Rob and a newbie in Randy, but man was the fishing smoking hot!   You have 4 fish in the box before you have 3 rods in the water and you know its going to be a good day.   3 bonus steelhead, lots of action and a laker for Drake at the end!

Program was the same both days.   Small spoons on 40 and 49 rigger, higher divers….one slide at 100-120 and a walker diver at 85-100, 5 color off one side, 2 color off the other…with sticks and a 6 color down the chute.   Diver bite and rigger bite awful on Sunday, way better on Monday.  55-70 fow.   Mix of colors on the sticks but seemed like firetiger the best for us.

Hope they stay and the weather holds because we have a bunch of dates coming up!

July 13

Had our friend Corey and his father, plus Jimmy return with us again.  Circumstances dictated that we ran the trip with Capt. Ron about Dances with Fishes.  Thanks Ron for that great assist!

2 and 5 color, 70-75 fow.   Mostly a stickbait off the board kind of bite!