July 25/26/27

July 25                                                                                                                                 Had Joe and his family out today, and honestly….we rocked it!  Great day with great people, and the walleye bite was on!

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60-65 riggers with shallow running reef runners, 145-165 slide divers with a clear (black/silver) renosky.    Board lines were dead.  85-95 fow.

July 26                                                                                                                                Our friends and long time clients Charlie and Skip were back today….and what a difference a day makes.   Everything that we did yesterday changed, and it was a whole new ball game!

We finally managed a mini flurry at the end, but a tough go today!


Rougher wave conditions, still very warm water top to bottom.    The 65 rigger was the best today with the Eriedescent reef runner, and the 185 slide with a renosky.

July 27                                                                                                                              

After two days of calling for relatively calm water….and it wasn’t…today they called for calm…and surprise, surprise….it wasn’t!!

Early cancellation today, unfortunately, so we did a few things in the yard this morning, then gave “Times Two” a much needed top to bottom cleaning, and an oil change!




July 22

We were finally able to get the 2013 winner of the Kilts for a Cure benefit sponsored by our country musician pal Sean Patrick McGraw (check him out at www.seanpatrickmcgraw.com).

With no breeze, it was a real hot afternoon on the lake, but we still managed to get the guys on to some fish!



Pretty much the same setups we’ve been running the last few times out.   Full load of stickbaits (Renoskys, Scatteraps and Bay Rats).   Seven color continues to be our best, but we also took a couple on six color with an ounce.    Sixty and sixty five riggers and slides out between 175 and 195 on “3”.   Ten color continues to be dead.

Water depth was best between 85-95 fow.


July 20

Had an “off” day today, so Gerb, Jack and I decided to head out to catch a few for dinner.    Good choice, as the bite was on today!

Ended up going 14/19 on walleye, plus a laker!  Very nice!




170/185 divers were good, with “golden” colors in renoskys.   Also had a walleye and a laker off the riggers on Bay Rats.  75-90 fow again was good!

July 19

Back out on Lake Erie today, after a brief vacation to Northern Ontario with my family.   Fished all day in light showers, but thankfully never had to deal with any thunderstorms!

Our first 3 walleye in the box were beauties, weighing in at just over 27lbs on the boat scale!   Man, sure wish we had the box in a couple of weeks for the Conservation Club tournament!

For the second year in a row, Lindsey hooked into a ten pounder making it the third straight trip this year with a ten pound walleye!




Ended up with a nice mixed boat of walleye, a brown trout, a laker (that thought he was a salmon) and 2 jumbo perch!

Seven (7) color with renosky’s was best for us today.   Also took fish on the 62 rigger, and the 155 Deeper Diver.  70-90 feet.


Moon River 2014

Took a short family vacation up to Moon River Ontario to hang out and do some fishing.   Came in on the heels of the summer “polar” vortex.   Last year it was in the 90’s when got there, this year it was in the upper 50’s/low 60’s


Jack and I did get into a few nice pike, with an average size of 24″ and there are always smallmouth bass hanging around the shoals!




Lost what likely would have been my largest pike at Moon River,  and second largest in the 30+ years of heading north.   Had it up alongside the boat, tired out, no net and only 1 hook point in the outside of the jaw.   Went to grab it, and it twisted enough so the line got across the teeth…and it was gone.    My best guess is 36-38 inches which should have put it at over 12lbs.      Jack also had a really nice fish break off at the boat around 7lbs.

Little bit different this time with the cool temps, but still a lot of fun!



July 12 PM

Well, having seen the results of the previous night,                                 and earlier today, Jack had to get in on the action.                                       So we headed back out for a couple of hours after dinner.

Had this brown hit the 7 color as I was setting it in the  release.


Followed that up with 4 walleye in short order.   Not too                    bad, and that means walleye tacos in our future!


Same set ups as last two times out.

July 12 am

Had Jay and Clem again this morning.   Actually had  a                first  for “Times Two Charters”.   Clem got on a 10lb                                 walleye last  night as the last fish of the day, then got                           onto another 10lber,  to start today before we had all                             the lines  in the water!




Same program as night before with the 6/7 color                                working the best, and the 45 rigger was pretty hot too.

The  purple scatteraps were good again, and we had                                      a couple go on the Bay Rat purple mamba.  70-85 fow was                  the best.

July 11, PM

Our friends Jay and Clem made it back up to WNY again,                            and thankfully brought some good luck and good fishing                          with them!

The boys caught a window of good weather, and we got on                   to the  walleye right off the bat!





Full stick bait program, running a mix of 6 color,                                              7 color,  and 10 color leadcore,  the 45 rigger was                                        good, and we took  fish on the 145 on the divers.                                           Baits were  Rapala scatterraps, and Renoskys!

July 2

Very honored to have Irag/Afghanistan veteran Warren,                     his son Greg and friend Jason aboard today.    Thank you                  very much for your service!

The boys had never fished Lake Erie before, and we were                 able to come up with a mixed bag of lakers, walleye and                            a brown and of course the standard 40 silver bass!



10 color took all the walleye shots today on the green,                           5″ chattersticks, still more from the Scatteraps, and                                     one on a Renosky.   Yecks did the damage on the                                   trout off the riggers!