June 21/22

June 21/22

We’re about to start our Lake Erie trips for this summer….so we figured we’d scout around a bit on the front end of those…..

6/21 Took a long run east with Gerb to see what might be by the Catt.   Decent screen, but had to work for them.  5 color with a rapala was the best for us, 55-60 ft of water. Our first walleye in the box for the year!


6/22 Mother Nature continues to be cruel to the Dunkirk walleye fisherman…..day 5?? of northeast wind has the temperature all messed up.   Searched around with Gerb and Jack, and finally found some fish!   All nices ones, but you’re really working for them right now.


Big slide diver at 75; 4 color and 5 color leadcore with stickbaits.    At least the walleye tacos were worth the effort!!

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