Moon River 2014

Took a short family vacation up to Moon River Ontario to hang out and do some fishing.   Came in on the heels of the summer “polar” vortex.   Last year it was in the 90’s when got there, this year it was in the upper 50’s/low 60’s


Jack and I did get into a few nice pike, with an average size of 24″ and there are always smallmouth bass hanging around the shoals!




Lost what likely would have been my largest pike at Moon River,  and second largest in the 30+ years of heading north.   Had it up alongside the boat, tired out, no net and only 1 hook point in the outside of the jaw.   Went to grab it, and it twisted enough so the line got across the teeth…and it was gone.    My best guess is 36-38 inches which should have put it at over 12lbs.      Jack also had a really nice fish break off at the boat around 7lbs.

Little bit different this time with the cool temps, but still a lot of fun!



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