Oak trip-2014

Took a break from walleye fishing to head up to Oak Orchard for our annual late summer salmon trip.  Hard to believe our first time was in 1986!

First afternoon we took a run offshore to the 28 line.   Hooked up on a few quality steelhead and salmon!  Didn’t take long to realize the new UV DW spoons I picked up the week before were going to be good!


Next day the fog was in, so we carefully worked our way back offshore.  Kind of eerie to hear the fog horns from the freighters, and not be able to see them.


Had a lot of action on steelhead again…..oak2014d[1]

And also got into some really nice salmon!oak14f[1]


Jack landed a beauty…read 26 lbs on the boat scale, and later weighed in at 26.06lbs at Narbys.   Good enough to take the lead in the youth category! (Unfortunately didn’t last long, but still pretty cool!)



Decided to stay on the inside waters and I got to land a nice one as well!


The cold water moved in on Saturday, and so did the NE winds.  Pushed hard all day, and we  stayed on the inside waters trying to work up a big guy.   Had about a 10lber, a laker and a handful of skippers.

Sunday, had to clear out of the cabin first, but did manage to get offshore for a few hours before we rolled.   Picked at a few more kings and steelhead, although no real size.

Much like our fishing in Wilson in May, my “go to” lures didn’t do much.  But the UV DW’s in Sea Sick Waddler and the Lemon Ice were real good for us.  In spin docs, the white glow with a Siggs Riggs mirage fly took the biggest fish, and we had action on the 42nd spin doc and fly.

Had another great trip, and great to see our friends at the Black North Inn!  Back on Lake Erie to finish out the season!





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