2015 Calendar is open!

Thank you to all of you that came onboard in 2014, either in Wilson or Dunkirk.    We have had a blast running trips on both lakes and look forward to every day we can get out on the lake!

I know it’s not even November yet, but I’m as excited about the fishing today as I was when our season started on Lake Ontario in early May!

Our 2015 calendar is now open!   I am very happy to say we will be running trips again on Lake Ontario during May with our close friend, Capt. Gary (Kongo Charters).   Not sure what boat we will have up there yet (but that’s something to discuss possibly in a later blog).   We will be back and ready to rock on Lake Erie starting in mid-June.   As usual, weekend dates on both lakes will fill up first, and we have several groups that have already booked.   NOW is the time to start talking to your group to get your first choice in dates!





This could be you in 2015!   Give us a call or shoot us an email today!


Finally on the tribs….

After a very windy, slow wind down to the lake season, and a short weekend trip to Chautauqua Lake, we were ready to get some stream action going.    And they had no water, and we waited, and waited and waited…..then finally Friday night it rains hard, which then gave us chocolate milk for Saturday, and into Sunday…..

SO, FINALLY, I got a chance to get out today!   Unbelievable how fast it cleared and how fast it dropped back down.   But we hooked up a few times ….grab and gone….then finally hooked into a really nice steelhead that we did land!


Not a bad way to start the week!