Lake Effect Snow!

Thank you to all of you that have made inquiry to us about the snow!

In Dunkirk, we probably ended up with 2 feet of snow or so, all yesterday (Wednesday).   Just south of Buffalo got hammered, which is probably what you have all seen on TV.   We have not had school for 3 days, mostly due to the fact that we have a good number of staff that reside in the hardest hit areas, and they simply cannot get to school to teach.

The following are pics that have been circulating around facebook and such, but offer a look at how the storm was.   This first one is really cool!  I have lived on Lake Erie most of my life, and have seen some really cool storms, but never as defined a line of storms as this!


Literally one minute sun, then next a white out.

The next two shots I grabbed off a twitter feed from former Buffalo Sabres player Jay McKee.   Shows a similar shot to the one above, but from a plane.   The other shows how deep the snow is on the I-90 interstate.


Its November 19, and it acts like winter.   Is it too early to have cabin fever?   Yikes, I think it time to grab “Kongo” and go look at a boat!


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