May 8, 9, 15 and 16

Fishing has been pretty good out of Wilson so far.   Mixed bag of kings, steelhead, lake trout and coho.   When the bite is on, its been really good, when its stops, it has stopped cold!

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Kind of a mix of lures, depending on the day.  Small red spin doc Siggs Riggs flies have been steady on 4 and 5 color lead for coho, but the coho have been running small.   Big Spin Docs have not been good for us for the most part.   Gold 42 Second Spoons and the DW UV watermelon have been good, as has the Warrior UV Salmon Candy.  Blacks/Orange Gold and Gold cups seem to have been the ticket.

Take a break this week, then back at it next week to finish up our trips at Wilson.   We have had a lot of fun so far!

May 2nd

Headed up to Wilson today to get “Kongo” in the water for the month of May.   Decided to spend a couple of hours fishing to work out the kinks.

First fish for the Great Lakes season was a laker on a crushed white glow spin doc/siggs rigs combo!


Had a number of coho, but all small.   Bay rats on 4 and 5 color and Warrior spoons of the riggers.