July 18/19

More catching up…..

July 18:   Lots of heavy rain put lots of junk in the lake.  Logs, trees, etc.   Headed out with our returning friend Corey and his crew and hit a “deadhead” just outside the harbor.  Prop took the brunt, day over.


Couple of down days on my boat, but we are back in the water……

July 19:  My brother in law Dan (Hooked Up Charters) graciously offered to let me run my half trip with Tony and his group.   Had a really nice morning!


Inside waters.  55-65 ft, spoon bite on deep riggers was really good!


July 17

Had Rob and Drake and crew on board today.   Another one of our great repeat friends!   Got on fish right of the bat…had a great first two hours.   Then the 2015 “lull”, then the after 12:30 push!

Drake, as is becoming the norm, was great on the rods and probably worked as hard in the back of the boat as we did!  He was right on the bite!



Wow, on what?  4 color, 5 color, Jr. Thundersticks, Renosky’s, Yecks.  Little bit of everything!   Fish were high, and we worked those.  65-85 fow.   LOTS of junk on the inside from Tuesday’s rains……



July 10/11

Our friends Jay and Clem came back up for what has become their annual Lake Erie trip…..and they brought some West Virginia luck!

jay2a[1] jay3a[1] jay7a[1] jay5a[1]

Walleye, Laker, Steelhead….short a brown trout from getting a slam.  Last year it was a missing steelie….next year?

Fish were high..4/5/6 and 7 color with mostly Jr. Thunderstick, Bay Rats or Reef Runners.  Minimal rigger or diver bite.  80-100 fow was our best.   Black/Silver and purples……


Lake Erie Action

Lake Erie has been slow to get going this year…..all the northeast wind and rain has not helped…..but we have gotten into some nice fish to start the season off on the new “Times Two”!




Quite a mix of tackle and techniques so far.  Fish are all over the place so we have used 4, 5, 6, 7 and 10 colors of leadcore, pulling Bay Rats, Bang o Lures, Renosky’s and Scatterraps.   Divers anywhere from 100 to 190, deep riggers with Yecks.  Even a few worm bites mixed in.   Seems like 65-75 ft of water has been the best.

Got a bunch of fishing coming up if Mother Nature decides to play nice!


The “New” Times Two

Well, we got back from French River, Ontario and Wilson NY, and then it was time to scramble!  Lots of rigging to do, holes to drill, things to mount, but we got her done!   Special thanks to our pal, Gary (Kongo Charters) who really helped us out at the end!



She is in the water, and catching walleye!