July 17

Had Rob and Drake and crew on board today.   Another one of our great repeat friends!   Got on fish right of the bat…had a great first two hours.   Then the 2015 “lull”, then the after 12:30 push!

Drake, as is becoming the norm, was great on the rods and probably worked as hard in the back of the boat as we did!  He was right on the bite!



Wow, on what?  4 color, 5 color, Jr. Thundersticks, Renosky’s, Yecks.  Little bit of everything!   Fish were high, and we worked those.  65-85 fow.   LOTS of junk on the inside from Tuesday’s rains……



2 thoughts on “July 17”

  1. Thanks again for taking us fishing. .that’s all we’ve talked about today. I’m still impressed with the way you conduct your trips. Very professional. I have a couple of people who are interested in booking a trip next year! !!! I’ll let you know what happens. ..thanks again Rob. Ps loved the talk about drakey, he is in his own little world. .

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