August 27

Had Bob, Ken and Dave aboard today.   So much for waves 1 foot or less.   Bit choppy to start, and kept an eye out for waterspouts early, which thankfully did not materialize.

Got into some nice walleye, and dropped a few good ones too.  WAY to many silver bass….seemed like you had to get 5 or 6 of those to equal one walleye.


Would also like to pass along our best wishes to the 4th member of the group who didn’t make it this trip.   Seems a stent was more important!  Good luck!!

Fish were again deep, and we took a couple on just about everything we ran….ten color clean, 300 copper, 85 rigger and 195 wire.  All renoskys.

Kind of our last busy push for the season this weekend, and looking forward to some good fishing!


August 22/23


The last few weeks has really been pretty darn good, and this weekend was not exception!

Got Nick’s group onto a bunch of walleye!


Fish were deep but we moved with them…10 color was the best, then added and ounce and then another.  65-78 riggers and 195 divers, and we even got the 300 copper going.   Mostly all Renoskys.

And TONS of silver bass!!



Had a planned free Sunday, so what did we do?  Fish for walleye of course!


Gerb and I boxed out in about 3 hours, and got a bunch in for dinner and the freezer!   Pretty much same program as the day prior day, fish were again deep.

Sure hope this holds up for a few more weeks!!


August 16/August 18-19

 August 16

Had a morning trip with Kevin and his group.   Not hot and heavy, but we managed to get some good ones in!


Check out this beauty of a steelhead!Aug16c1[1]

85-105, west on a north south troll was the best.

August 18/19

Had Derrick and his gang for a Tuesday/Wednesday charter.  Radar at 6 am on Tuesday did not look promising, and we talked with our neighbor “Mojo”, and we both agreed 3 hrs or so was going to do it before the t-storms came in.  Capt. Dana and I were dead on with the time, and we found some fish too before it rocked!  Told Derrick lets cut off today, and hit it hard tomorrow!  That we did!

Had a real steady bite all day long, including this one that hit the 10lb mark!


Fish were deep.  Started with 10 color off both sides, 8 color with an ounce down the chute, deep slides and deep riggers.   Moved them around all day, added weight and depth.   Ran double divers for the first time ever, and finally pulled those and went to wire divers.

I haven’t run wire divers in years, but they took 4 of the last 5.  Riggers best at 68 and 72; wire at 195 w a ring, 10 color with 2 ounces and even took one on a 300 copper.   Renoskys smoking…red head or pink head.   Took 4 on 3″ chattersticks too.   Cat/Dog yeck off the riggers good early.   All in all a great day!


Note to self though…got get a bigger board now with the bigger boat…couldn’t get all the eyes on there!

August 9

Jay had so much fun last month that he brought his wife and daughter back!

Roughest day of the last 3, so we opted to pull the boards and run a 10 color off one side, and a 7 color off the other.   Good choice!




155 slide diver with a purple scatter rap was good as was the raspberry lemonade Bay Rat off the 7, and the raspberry renosky off the 10.   Fishing deeper, 95-105 and the fishing seemed to die off as the NE wind increased.

Few days off now….Times Two needs fuel and an oil change…then we gear back up next week!


August 8

Robert and his family joined us today, and darn near got cancelled again.   Southeast wind was going pretty good at the start, but we all agreed we should give it a try.

Ever hear the phrase “should have been here yesterday?”   Today was yesterday if that makes any sense!

The walleye were big and plentiful, and the box we had today would have made a world of difference in last week’s Con Club Derby.  We even had to borrow Mojo’s big board for the picture!


Bay Rat Raspberry Lemonade was good on the 7 color, and a similar colored Renosky was really hot on the 10 color.   Divers at 155 with a ring, and 175 without pulling purple scatteraps was also good.  And a Yeck Cat/Dog on the 60 rigger.

We even took our second Lake Erie slam….a walleye, laker, brown and a king…..for the second time in the last week!

August 7

Had Dave and company back on the boat for their annual trip.   I have to say, I think that’s the most we have laughed on a trip all year!

Fishing was good too….




Kind of had a feeling on Bay Rats for today, and the deep divers didn’t let us down.   Raspberry Lemonade and the Rave were the best for us on 7 color.   Also had steady action on the 155 slide diver with a ring, and the 55 and 60 ft riggers with Yecks.


Con Club Derby 2015

TEAM 24!

Gerb, Gary and I really look forward to the Con Club Derby.  We like the dual format of individual weight, and team weight (3 fish per day).  Keeps the field tight and everyone in it.

We knew this one was going to be tough, though, we forecast for 3 days looking like lots of wind!

Day 1 was rough right from the get go.  We decided to move off the schoolies we have been working, and try to get on some big fish.  Plan worked to some extent, as we boated just over 17lbs for 3 fish.  We needed 1 more nice one to top the box out.  With the format and lots of teams weighing in between 17-20lbs, we found ourselves squarely in the middle of the pack.   This was one of the roughest days I have fished in a long time, and if we were chartering, we probably wouldn’t have even tried.

One highlight of the day was flipping a planner board that quickly became a diving planner.  Quick team response and we got that cleared!  The second was a Lake Erie slam…walleye, brown trout, steelhead and laker!


Day  2 was a full out GRIND!   Not sure if we were just shot from battling the waves Friday, but we found ourselves off the plan and trying to match others.   And it was rough again, but not as rough.  We didn’t land a lot, but still managed just over 14lbs….and we dropped 4 spots.

Day 3 may have been the roughest water to start the day of all three days, but by now we were used to it!   Found better fish, stuck to the plan.   Pulled out the boards and ran double 10 color cores.   Boated our largest fish of the derby, and a 3 fish box over over 20lbs!   Renoskys the ticket today!


Overall, we ended up 39 out of 100 boats.   Our largest fish was 32nd.   Our Sunday best was the 8th heaviest of the day, and the 21st place box pulled us up 16 spots to 39th.  We weight 9 fish for just over 52lb, or nearly a 6 lb average!

July 29

Forecast was for it to get very hot….and Mother Nature did not disappoint!  Fortunately, despite the calm water and leftover full moon , we got right on that morning bite!



Between the early walleye bite, plus the junkers, took us quite a while to finally get all the rods in!

Same inside waters.  Yecks still good on 55-60 riggers, and scatteraps and renosky’s off the divers.


July 27

My cousin Bob and his boys were in town for a few days, so we grabbed Jack and headed out for a couple of hours after work.

I never complain about the heat, but man was it warm the first hour and a half or so.   I told them if we made it thru that, we should start to see fish coming off the bottom!july27b1[1]

Sure enough about 7 pm they started biting, and we had lots of action for the next hour!


Still that inside water, 5/7 color and the riggers.



July 25/26

Well, stopped in Buffalo on the way back from Georgian Bay to pick up the repaired prop, rocket back to Dunkirk to have Don from the marina lift us back in.   Short sea trial later and we are back in business!

Just in time because Charlie (one of our very first clients)(Less Skip but with very good replacements were up the next day!  The walleye bite was tough, and we certainly had our fair share of silver bass.  Charlie did manage to land this very nice Lake Erie laker!


Next morning we had Carl and his crew.   What a great early bite, then as has been the case lately the morning lull.  Still managed a nice box!   And all Nicole did was catch the biggest walleye, the biggest silver bass and the biggest sheepshead!


Inside waters, rigger at 55 and 58 were the best with Yeck spoons, and divers at 125-135 with purple pink renoskys.