August 16/August 18-19

 August 16

Had a morning trip with Kevin and his group.   Not hot and heavy, but we managed to get some good ones in!


Check out this beauty of a steelhead!Aug16c1[1]

85-105, west on a north south troll was the best.

August 18/19

Had Derrick and his gang for a Tuesday/Wednesday charter.  Radar at 6 am on Tuesday did not look promising, and we talked with our neighbor “Mojo”, and we both agreed 3 hrs or so was going to do it before the t-storms came in.  Capt. Dana and I were dead on with the time, and we found some fish too before it rocked!  Told Derrick lets cut off today, and hit it hard tomorrow!  That we did!

Had a real steady bite all day long, including this one that hit the 10lb mark!


Fish were deep.  Started with 10 color off both sides, 8 color with an ounce down the chute, deep slides and deep riggers.   Moved them around all day, added weight and depth.   Ran double divers for the first time ever, and finally pulled those and went to wire divers.

I haven’t run wire divers in years, but they took 4 of the last 5.  Riggers best at 68 and 72; wire at 195 w a ring, 10 color with 2 ounces and even took one on a 300 copper.   Renoskys smoking…red head or pink head.   Took 4 on 3″ chattersticks too.   Cat/Dog yeck off the riggers good early.   All in all a great day!


Note to self though…got get a bigger board now with the bigger boat…couldn’t get all the eyes on there!

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