August 27

Had Bob, Ken and Dave aboard today.   So much for waves 1 foot or less.   Bit choppy to start, and kept an eye out for waterspouts early, which thankfully did not materialize.

Got into some nice walleye, and dropped a few good ones too.  WAY to many silver bass….seemed like you had to get 5 or 6 of those to equal one walleye.


Would also like to pass along our best wishes to the 4th member of the group who didn’t make it this trip.   Seems a stent was more important!  Good luck!!

Fish were again deep, and we took a couple on just about everything we ran….ten color clean, 300 copper, 85 rigger and 195 wire.  All renoskys.

Kind of our last busy push for the season this weekend, and looking forward to some good fishing!


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