August 8

Robert and his family joined us today, and darn near got cancelled again.   Southeast wind was going pretty good at the start, but we all agreed we should give it a try.

Ever hear the phrase “should have been here yesterday?”   Today was yesterday if that makes any sense!

The walleye were big and plentiful, and the box we had today would have made a world of difference in last week’s Con Club Derby.  We even had to borrow Mojo’s big board for the picture!


Bay Rat Raspberry Lemonade was good on the 7 color, and a similar colored Renosky was really hot on the 10 color.   Divers at 155 with a ring, and 175 without pulling purple scatteraps was also good.  And a Yeck Cat/Dog on the 60 rigger.

We even took our second Lake Erie slam….a walleye, laker, brown and a king…..for the second time in the last week!

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