Con Club Derby 2015

TEAM 24!

Gerb, Gary and I really look forward to the Con Club Derby.  We like the dual format of individual weight, and team weight (3 fish per day).  Keeps the field tight and everyone in it.

We knew this one was going to be tough, though, we forecast for 3 days looking like lots of wind!

Day 1 was rough right from the get go.  We decided to move off the schoolies we have been working, and try to get on some big fish.  Plan worked to some extent, as we boated just over 17lbs for 3 fish.  We needed 1 more nice one to top the box out.  With the format and lots of teams weighing in between 17-20lbs, we found ourselves squarely in the middle of the pack.   This was one of the roughest days I have fished in a long time, and if we were chartering, we probably wouldn’t have even tried.

One highlight of the day was flipping a planner board that quickly became a diving planner.  Quick team response and we got that cleared!  The second was a Lake Erie slam…walleye, brown trout, steelhead and laker!


Day  2 was a full out GRIND!   Not sure if we were just shot from battling the waves Friday, but we found ourselves off the plan and trying to match others.   And it was rough again, but not as rough.  We didn’t land a lot, but still managed just over 14lbs….and we dropped 4 spots.

Day 3 may have been the roughest water to start the day of all three days, but by now we were used to it!   Found better fish, stuck to the plan.   Pulled out the boards and ran double 10 color cores.   Boated our largest fish of the derby, and a 3 fish box over over 20lbs!   Renoskys the ticket today!


Overall, we ended up 39 out of 100 boats.   Our largest fish was 32nd.   Our Sunday best was the 8th heaviest of the day, and the 21st place box pulled us up 16 spots to 39th.  We weight 9 fish for just over 52lb, or nearly a 6 lb average!

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