July 21-24 Moon River Ontario!

Took a few days off with Lisa and Jack to head up to lower Georgian Bay to Moon River Ontario.   Regular followers of this site will know its not the first trip there…..

No polar vortex like last year,  just comfortable, sunny weather!  Much like here water levels were up a lot from last year.  Got into some nice pike and bass!

moon1a[1] moon3a[1]

Amazing part of this smallmouth is that we got it off a shoal that you would never know was there, unless you were in the boat in the early 1980’s when I was fishing with a friend of my father’s, named Dick Towne.   We go there every year, and we always catch a couple!


If I didn’t like the Lake Erie summer stuff so much, I really would consider extended time up north in the summer.  Very calming (but also a bit fattening!)