Labor Day Weekend

Fishing since early August out of Dunkirk has been really good….the best at this time of year in a number of years.    Winds have been favorable and allowed for the temperature to set up, and remain stable!

Rolled into Labor Day Weekend knowing we’d have great lake conditions and weather, and time to fun fish.   Couldn’t have picked a better weekend.     Forecast unbelievably was spot on, breezy start to each day, then laying out.  Warm, mostly sunny, and the fish were hungry!


Doubled up a number of times…..




Sounds like a broken record, but fish again deep.   10 color off the boards with 1, 2 and 3 ounces.   Copper down the chute clean, and with an ounce, 185-205 wire divers, and 70-80 riggers.   All sticks.

Red head/pink head/chameleon/Mirror black and silver have been sure steady.

At the time of year that we are starting to wind it down, but hopefully we’ll get a few more weeks in……


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