April 30-Splashdown in Wilson!

Finally!   Splashdown in Wilson and our 2016 Lake fishing season is underway!

Headed out with Jack, Marty and Ethan for the shakedown.  Water temps are a touch on the cool side yet…..come on Mother Nature… you need to warm up Lake Erie so we get some warm water moving into Lake Ontario.

The lake trout didn’t seem to care as we had over 15 fish on!

april30b1[1] april30d1[1] April30c1[1] april30e1[1]

The 45 and 50 foot rigger was the best using a Warrior Spoon Salmon Candy.  Also took a shot on a DW UV and the NK 42 second spoon.    No real salmon action….just a skipper as we cleared lines.

We have a bunch of days coming so hopefully the kings will get moving from the Canadian side!


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