French River 2016


After we finished up at Wilson, it was time to head north for our annual spring pike trip.   This year, in addition to Jack, we had along with us Marty (Canadaway Creek Outfitters) and his son, Ethan.

This was the 41st year in a row that I’ve gone north, and I have to say that I haven’t had a trip yet that wasn’t fun….and they are all different!

Honestly, this year could not have been much better.   Nice weather…t- shirts in May!, bugs weren’t bad, fishing was great! Can’t really beat that.

The 4 of us fished 2.5 days, and landed 259 pike!!   We all had one boated in the first half hour and it just went from there!

FR1[1] FR5a[1]fr2a[1] fr7a[1]fr4a[1] fr14a[1] fr15a[1]

Already looking forward to next year!


Wilson Wrap up

We have finished up our May run at Wilson on Lake Ontario.   To be honest, it was good one minute and very so-so the next.   The fickleness of Lake Ontario depending (but not always) on wind direction is amazing compared to Lake Erie, and obviously almost 2 weeks straight of northeast winds didn’t do anyone any favors.

We do, however, really like Wilson and thoroughly enjoyed our time at Bootleggers Marina, and all of you that came with us!  We plan on being back up there again come 2017!

For us, the divers were not good for the most part.  Somewhat disappointed with that, as I really like the spin docs/flies for kings.  Our Warriors in the wave pattern were fair, our best was a rigger bite with the UV series of Dreamweavers.  I can see some cut-bait rigs running next spring!

Some pics….

wilson2a[1] wilson7a[1] wilson5a[1] wilson1a[1]

We already have a few dates on the books for 2017, so if this is something you might be thinking about, let us know and let’s pick a date!