July 27

Headed back west to the skinny water we’ve been working.   Graph showed a lot less than we had seen the previous few days, but we worked thru the area to see what we could come up with.



Bay Rats in the Cracked Sea Coral continued to be our best bait, and we took a few on the red charterstick off the 125 diver too.  Rigger bite continues to be scarce.

Probably only one or two more shots at it before next weekends Conservation Club Tournament!


July 23/24-ITS A RAT ATTACK!

July 23rd and 24th was pretty darn good!   Not tournament winner size, but nice Lake Erie eaters!

We had Charlie and his crew aboard on the 23rd, and found the fish to the west of Van Buren Point.   Charlie, by the way, was one of our very first clients going back to 2004!

Bay Rats were really good!  Cracked Sea Coral and the Machine on 6 and 7 color leadcore was our best by far.


Never leave fish to find fish….so we headed back to the same spot again on July 24.   A little bit slower to start, but boy it got pretty good after mid-morning.   Ended up with the same Bay Rats going good but this time on 7 and 8 color.   Also took a few on the red chatterstick on the 125 slide diver.    The big surprise was where….45 feet of water at the end of July with water temps in there pushing 75!


No complaints here…happy groups and happy crew!

Moon River 2016

Took off a few days with Lisa and Jack to head back up to  Moon Basin Marina on Lower Georgian Bay.  Really could not have asked for nicer weather, except for the brief thunderstorm on the afternoon of the last day.   Otherwise, sunny and not overly hot.

Overall, got in to some nice pike considering the mid-summer conditions, landing 34 in a little over 2 days of fishing….and not hard fishing at that.   Lisa even got in on the action!

moon 1a[1]

moon 2a[1]

moon 3a[1]

Jack got the first one right off the dock within a hour of getting to the river!

moon 4al[1]

I hooked into a pretty good size gar pike the last morning, and with all the fishing I’ve done and places I’ve been, I’m pretty sure its a first for me!


We did a lot of trolling.  Simple presentation of a silver and orange casting spoon.  One consistent item for us though was water depth and weeds…..8-12 ft of water.

Only about a 4.5 hr drive, and a nice little change of pace for us…….


July 15, 16, and 17

Mother Nature finally threw a couple of days of wind at us, so we never made it out on July 15 and 16.


We did get out on July 17 with Rob, Drake, Lindsey and Zack and managed to get a mixed bag of walleye, a couple of steelhead and a laker.

Scatterraps were the best bait, but we also got a few on green chattersticks off the 5 color (tip of the hat to TEAM 365 for that info).




Drake did a great job assisting with the rigging, and Lindsey as normal landed the largest fish!   We really appreciate our returning groups!



June 29-July 12

Fishing has been all over the place, from really, really good to really, really tough.   For the most part, we’ve been working the structure still west of Van Buren, but based on the calendar and water temps, that’s probably run its course.   Lots of eaters in there, generally not a lot of bigger fish.



Lots of high fish, so we’ve run a lot of 4 and 5 color leadcore.   Top producers of late has been the long diving Bay Rats in purple wish, machine and cracked sea coral.

july 8a1[1]


We also had a decent run using the 3″ red chattersticks both on the slide divers and the riggers.   Bearing in mind we were pretty shallow, we only had the slides out 110-125 and the riggers at 35 and 40.


Downrigger bite and chute rod bite for us continues to be pretty dead, so we’re hoping when we get on the offshore fish those will start to fire up as well.

There continues to be LOADS of silver bass, that don’t seem to really care what bait they hit.   Makes for some frustrating times when the get hooked sideways and you think you have a big fish on!

Update thru June 28……

My apologies for the late updates…..kind of slipped away….

After completion of our spring run at Wilson, and my trip to French River, we got back on Lake Erie for our walleye season.    Opened up the charter portion on June 26 with a 2 boat with Kongo Charters.  Certainly wasn’t hot and heavy, but we got into a few nice ones!

June 26a[1]

The next group was visiting the area from Iowa, and we had a somewhat rolling Lake Erie to contend with.  Some of the group didn’t want to keep going, but we took Michael back out to make sure he hooked up with his first Lake Erie ‘eye!


We’ve been fishing pretty shallow, and in the structure that we do have to the west.   Shallow slide divers at 100-125 with scatterraps mostly; 4 and 5 color with Bay Rats and Jr. Thundersticks.   Rigger bite and chute rod bite has been non-existant…..to say the least.