July 23/24-ITS A RAT ATTACK!

July 23rd and 24th was pretty darn good!   Not tournament winner size, but nice Lake Erie eaters!

We had Charlie and his crew aboard on the 23rd, and found the fish to the west of Van Buren Point.   Charlie, by the way, was one of our very first clients going back to 2004!

Bay Rats were really good!  Cracked Sea Coral and the Machine on 6 and 7 color leadcore was our best by far.


Never leave fish to find fish….so we headed back to the same spot again on July 24.   A little bit slower to start, but boy it got pretty good after mid-morning.   Ended up with the same Bay Rats going good but this time on 7 and 8 color.   Also took a few on the red chatterstick on the 125 slide diver.    The big surprise was where….45 feet of water at the end of July with water temps in there pushing 75!


No complaints here…happy groups and happy crew!

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