June 29-July 12

Fishing has been all over the place, from really, really good to really, really tough.   For the most part, we’ve been working the structure still west of Van Buren, but based on the calendar and water temps, that’s probably run its course.   Lots of eaters in there, generally not a lot of bigger fish.



Lots of high fish, so we’ve run a lot of 4 and 5 color leadcore.   Top producers of late has been the long diving Bay Rats in purple wish, machine and cracked sea coral.

july 8a1[1]


We also had a decent run using the 3″ red chattersticks both on the slide divers and the riggers.   Bearing in mind we were pretty shallow, we only had the slides out 110-125 and the riggers at 35 and 40.


Downrigger bite and chute rod bite for us continues to be pretty dead, so we’re hoping when we get on the offshore fish those will start to fire up as well.

There continues to be LOADS of silver bass, that don’t seem to really care what bait they hit.   Makes for some frustrating times when the get hooked sideways and you think you have a big fish on!

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