Moon River 2016

Took off a few days with Lisa and Jack to head back up to  Moon Basin Marina on Lower Georgian Bay.  Really could not have asked for nicer weather, except for the brief thunderstorm on the afternoon of the last day.   Otherwise, sunny and not overly hot.

Overall, got in to some nice pike considering the mid-summer conditions, landing 34 in a little over 2 days of fishing….and not hard fishing at that.   Lisa even got in on the action!

moon 1a[1]

moon 2a[1]

moon 3a[1]

Jack got the first one right off the dock within a hour of getting to the river!

moon 4al[1]

I hooked into a pretty good size gar pike the last morning, and with all the fishing I’ve done and places I’ve been, I’m pretty sure its a first for me!


We did a lot of trolling.  Simple presentation of a silver and orange casting spoon.  One consistent item for us though was water depth and weeds…..8-12 ft of water.

Only about a 4.5 hr drive, and a nice little change of pace for us…….


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