Update thru June 28……

My apologies for the late updates…..kind of slipped away….

After completion of our spring run at Wilson, and my trip to French River, we got back on Lake Erie for our walleye season.    Opened up the charter portion on June 26 with a 2 boat with Kongo Charters.  Certainly wasn’t hot and heavy, but we got into a few nice ones!

June 26a[1]

The next group was visiting the area from Iowa, and we had a somewhat rolling Lake Erie to contend with.  Some of the group didn’t want to keep going, but we took Michael back out to make sure he hooked up with his first Lake Erie ‘eye!


We’ve been fishing pretty shallow, and in the structure that we do have to the west.   Shallow slide divers at 100-125 with scatterraps mostly; 4 and 5 color with Bay Rats and Jr. Thundersticks.   Rigger bite and chute rod bite has been non-existant…..to say the least.




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