August 24

Long story short….kind of like a part of “Deadliest Catch” today, as we used a “relief captain”.   Special thanks to Gary (Kongo Charters) for a great job on the last minute fill in….

Nice day and decent catch for Bob and the guys!



August 20

A weird, wacky day for us…..

Way rougher than forecast, guys not feeling good, two runs in, two runs out….and in between all that we got a few fish….   Hope we don’t have many days like this….


Kudos to the crew today……

Don’t grow them this big on Oneida though…..



August 17

I’ve told a number of our followers that we will always tell it like it is, and today was a tough bite.  We had a combination of a hard southwest/west blow yesterday, combined with a full moon and some leftover swells today….and it made for some tough conditions.

We continue to have some really good screens in that 65-75 ft range, but those fish remain uninterested in our baits.   Worked them over pretty hard, the moved out to 85 ft and finally took a few fish.


For us…the bay rats off the boards continued to take the most fish…today was purple wish and cracked sea coral…mostly on 8 color with an ounce.   We did take a couple on 7 color with 2 ounces too.  Rigger bite and especially diver bites continue to be slim and far between.



Had a nice stretch of trips lined up…..some with returning groups….was looking forward to it…..

Mother Nature, however, had different plans!


Headed back with the rest of the charters Thursday am to beat an approaching storm…..(don’t even ask me about that!) then lost Friday-Saturday-Sunday to wind, waves and  more storms!!!

Heading back out Wednesday….got a feeling we’re going to be in search mode at least to start……..


Con Club Derby 2016


The Conservation Club Derby is nice because you can have 4 guys on a team, but only 3 can fish per day, which allows some flexibility if there is a need….there was….

I had a charter with one of our long time guys and friends….so I was off…Tim, Gary and Gerb in for Team 24.

We had a great day….boxed out for Dave and Matt and had some nice size fish too….


Bay Rats continued to be our best on 6 and 7 color, mixed with extra weight.   75-105 straight out.

Meanwhile on Kongo, the team was getting it done too…..landing 23.81 pounds which was good enough to put us in the 3 spot out of 100, a mere .16lbs out of first!



ROUGH, ROUGH, ROUGH WATER.   Did I mention it was rough?  Solid 4-5 footers, with the occasional larger ones.   Gerb off, John in.

Worked our butts off….landing 11 fish and getting our best as we cleared lines to come in.  17.80 lbs kept us within shouting distance, and a slip to 15th.

Jack, on Dan Korzenski’s team landed a couple of beauties….varwwwclientsclient1web2tmpphpPKI9dY[1]


You guessed it….ROUGH again to start…..

Had a nice troll from 105 to 75, and boxed 6 fish….just not the size we needed to make a move up the standings….SO decision time….run the line again or move.    In retrospect…should have stayed…in reality moved….and never boated another.    We were happy to eeek out 12.02 lbs….but needed 2 big guys.   Another slip….final standing 28/100.

Despite the conditions, had a great 3 days….capped off very nicely with a big fish fry featuring grilled walleye and pink salmon, bacon wrapped walleye, deep fried walleye and walleye patties.   Can’t get much better than that!


Rats and Sticks


For the first time this season we ran offshore for two consecutive times out.   Followers of this journal may recall we’ve been working that skinny water west of Van Buren for several weeks.

While the screen was not particularly loaded with fish, we did have action all the way from 70 ft right out to 107 ft.   For us, a north-south troll was best between 70-85 ft.   Inside 70ft was loaded with silver bass.

Sounds like a recording but the same color Bay Rats and Chattersticks continue to produce for us.   The Machine, Cracked Sea Coral and the black and silver in the rats off the core, and the red and green 3″ chatters off the divers.  Rigger bite continues to frustrate us.


Very fun group today!  Fish were barely getting hooked, and if we had a little rod luck, we could have had 6-8 more.

Next up…. a charter on Friday and we re-join Team 24 on Saturday and Sunday!

July 31


Had a rare weekend day off today, so Gerb, Jack and I did a little pre-scouting for the upcoming Conservation Club Derby later this week.   We’ve been working the skinny water for most of the last 3 weeks…great fishing for our groups, but not the size we are going to need coming up……so we went looking a bit deeper!

Bay Rats were good again on the 6 and 7 color.  Cracked Sea Coral continues to produce, and Filthy Pouch was good too.   Also noticed that cooler water was starting to come up with the NE winds we’ve been having last few days.

This was our best of the day…2 more like this each day Friday – Sunday and we’ll be happy!


Also, got our first pink salmon of the season, and honestly probably in the last 20 seasons.   Our fellow Captains in Erie, PA have been getting some this season, but this is the first one we have seen up this way.

At 4 lbs…..just about a pound shy of the state record too…..