July 31


Had a rare weekend day off today, so Gerb, Jack and I did a little pre-scouting for the upcoming Conservation Club Derby later this week.   We’ve been working the skinny water for most of the last 3 weeks…great fishing for our groups, but not the size we are going to need coming up……so we went looking a bit deeper!

Bay Rats were good again on the 6 and 7 color.  Cracked Sea Coral continues to produce, and Filthy Pouch was good too.   Also noticed that cooler water was starting to come up with the NE winds we’ve been having last few days.

This was our best of the day…2 more like this each day Friday – Sunday and we’ll be happy!


Also, got our first pink salmon of the season, and honestly probably in the last 20 seasons.   Our fellow Captains in Erie, PA have been getting some this season, but this is the first one we have seen up this way.

At 4 lbs…..just about a pound shy of the state record too…..


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