Rats and Sticks


For the first time this season we ran offshore for two consecutive times out.   Followers of this journal may recall we’ve been working that skinny water west of Van Buren for several weeks.

While the screen was not particularly loaded with fish, we did have action all the way from 70 ft right out to 107 ft.   For us, a north-south troll was best between 70-85 ft.   Inside 70ft was loaded with silver bass.

Sounds like a recording but the same color Bay Rats and Chattersticks continue to produce for us.   The Machine, Cracked Sea Coral and the black and silver in the rats off the core, and the red and green 3″ chatters off the divers.  Rigger bite continues to frustrate us.


Very fun group today!  Fish were barely getting hooked, and if we had a little rod luck, we could have had 6-8 more.

Next up…. a charter on Friday and we re-join Team 24 on Saturday and Sunday!

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