September 25

Our final shot at it for the year…..

Headed out with Marty and his son Ethan, back to where we had the walleye going a couple days prior.   Steady pick got us 6 walleye and a nice laker in the box in about 3 hrs.    Ethan landed his first Lake Erie Laker, and his first walleye.



Fished 65-85 ft of water, pretty much straight out.  Big temperature break (12 degrees) between 53 and 55 ft down.   Also had two spots with a slight scum line on the surface that had 5 degree changes in the down temp.   Very Lake Ontario like!

Best setup was the 300 copper and the 65 ft rigger.   Ran a 5 rod spread with all Yeck spoons.

Very nice morning to end the season.


September 22/23


Gary (Kongo) that he was heading out with a couple of friends, and did I want to go….uh, yeah!   One of the guys wanted to catch a few steelhead, so he even broke out the 60lb copper!

Had to wade thru lots of silver bass (again) but boated 5 walleye and 3 steelhead.


Got a call from a long time Lake Ontario friend, Bob Songin (Reel Excitement Charters out of Oak Orchard), who was going to be in town for a couple of days and wanted to get his dad out for walleye.

I couldn’t go early, so we opted to head out around 12:30.   Was starting to kick from the northeast, and shortly after we set up, the wind and waves really got going.    We banged into that for about 40 minutes or so out to 85 ft, and then decided the best thing to do would be to head toward the harbor and ride with the waves.  Good choice!

We ended up with 7 nice walleye over the next hour or so.  I half heartedly suggested we pull lines and bang back out, but by then it was 5 footers, and clearly not a good idea to try that!

Lately, spoons have been the ticket!   We only ran a 5 rod spread due to the conditions, and had 5 of the 7 eyes on Yeck Spoons in “Alibi” and “Raspberry Dolphin”.   60 and 68 foot rigger and 300 copper.  Also took 2 on a 175 walker diver with a renosky.

Doug got the biggest one!




September 18

Occasional, you get one of those days….    coming off big winds and waves, full moon, rolling lake…..and today was one of those days.

We tried the usually good stuff, and tried in and out.   Hooks on the graph from two days prior…gone.

At least the birthday boy caught a Lake Erie walleye…..sept18a1



Sept 16

Headed out today with Capt. Alan (Instigator Charters-Wilson) and Capt. Gary (Kongo Charters) to do some fun fishing.   Was not fast and furious, but we picked away at them.

As has been the pattern seemingly all year…it was 2 on one set up, then 2 on another, etc, etc.   Started off on 300 copper, the to the board lines…7, 7 with an ounce, and two ounces, 8 color and 8 color with an ounce.  Then to the Walker diver.   All renoskys in various shades of brown trout/walleye.  Our rigger bite was non-existant!

Not far, 65-85 fow.    Outside early, inside later.


But we had fun, and got enough for at least a couple of dinners!

Heading into the final 10 days of this season…..hopefully Mother Nature cooperates.

August 26

Back on board today after a short break …

Not trophy size today, but we got our limit onboard!


Fish were a lot deeper then they have been so we broke out the copper and moved the 10 color to the boards.   Copper was our best with a renosky, but also took fish on a 70 rigger of WD blue melon, off the boards with bay rats on 7 color plus 2 ounces and 8 color plus 1 ounce, and the 200 divers.

Second group this year that’s tied a visit into Niagara Falls as part of their trip!   Glad to see some people are taking the time to enjoy our region!


September 3, 4 and 5

Beautiful weather to usher in September!

Had a trip on the 3rd…..definitely was not hot and heavy, but if you factor in all of the “other species” we had on, at least we had consistent action.

Fish came on all kinds of combinations…6 with 2 oz, 7 with 1 oz, 8 ounce, slide divers, walker divers and riggers.    Bay Rat Purple Wish continued to be good on the board bites, renoskys on the divers and yecks on the riggers.

The northeast blow of the last 4 days had an big effect early…nearly a 14 degree break in just 2 feet!  Not often you mark that on a graph!


On the 4th, fun fished with Gary from Kongo Charters joining us.  Really a pretty slow day, despite a TON of fish on the graph in 70-80 fow.   Just no biters.   Did land a dandy steelhead too on a Buffalo Bill Yeck.


Finally finished off the weekend about “Hooked Up” with Capt Dan.  We made a short day of it, but still landed 6 walleye and another nice steelhead.


The last few trips out have raised the question….why so good one day and so tough the next?    Everyone has theories, but one thing we haven’t seen this year compared to last year is the huge pods of bait.  Many of the walleye we clean have nothing in their bellies.    We did have a steelhead that was loaded with Gobies, so that fish had to be near the bottom at some point.

I think the biggest factor is the water temp.   It is literally the same from the top to 75 ft down.    The fish don’t have to follow temp or bait and thus are all over the place.   That results in the pockets of fish where we get 2-3 quick and when we circle back they are GONE!