New Website/2017 Bookings

Please excuse our lack of updating on the main website.   Go Daddy, our wonderful web host, is currently updating our site to the newest version.

We have kind of taking the chains off them on this one, and hope that they surprise us with a new and different look!  Estimated time is 1-3 weeks and we are 1 week in.   Please stand up for that!


2017!   Next Summer seems like a long way off….but we have a great group of returning clients (now friends!) that have already booked for 2017!

Remember, we run out of Wilson on Lake Ontario from late April to early June, teaming up with our good friend Gary (from Kongo Charters)!   We already have 2 dates booked up there!

On Lake Erie, we will start around June 20, depending on Mother Nature, and run thru until about September 15.   We already have 12 dates booked with 2 more pending.

SO, BOTTOM LINE IS IF YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT NEXT SUMMER…..sooner might be better than later.   We will pencil you in now….no deposits due until after January 1.

Give us a call, shoot us a text, send us an email….we answer them all!




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