Sept 16

Headed out today with Capt. Alan (Instigator Charters-Wilson) and Capt. Gary (Kongo Charters) to do some fun fishing.   Was not fast and furious, but we picked away at them.

As has been the pattern seemingly all year…it was 2 on one set up, then 2 on another, etc, etc.   Started off on 300 copper, the to the board lines…7, 7 with an ounce, and two ounces, 8 color and 8 color with an ounce.  Then to the Walker diver.   All renoskys in various shades of brown trout/walleye.  Our rigger bite was non-existant!

Not far, 65-85 fow.    Outside early, inside later.


But we had fun, and got enough for at least a couple of dinners!

Heading into the final 10 days of this season…..hopefully Mother Nature cooperates.

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