September 25

Our final shot at it for the year…..

Headed out with Marty and his son Ethan, back to where we had the walleye going a couple days prior.   Steady pick got us 6 walleye and a nice laker in the box in about 3 hrs.    Ethan landed his first Lake Erie Laker, and his first walleye.



Fished 65-85 ft of water, pretty much straight out.  Big temperature break (12 degrees) between 53 and 55 ft down.   Also had two spots with a slight scum line on the surface that had 5 degree changes in the down temp.   Very Lake Ontario like!

Best setup was the 300 copper and the 65 ft rigger.   Ran a 5 rod spread with all Yeck spoons.

Very nice morning to end the season.


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