September 3, 4 and 5

Beautiful weather to usher in September!

Had a trip on the 3rd…..definitely was not hot and heavy, but if you factor in all of the “other species” we had on, at least we had consistent action.

Fish came on all kinds of combinations…6 with 2 oz, 7 with 1 oz, 8 ounce, slide divers, walker divers and riggers.    Bay Rat Purple Wish continued to be good on the board bites, renoskys on the divers and yecks on the riggers.

The northeast blow of the last 4 days had an big effect early…nearly a 14 degree break in just 2 feet!  Not often you mark that on a graph!


On the 4th, fun fished with Gary from Kongo Charters joining us.  Really a pretty slow day, despite a TON of fish on the graph in 70-80 fow.   Just no biters.   Did land a dandy steelhead too on a Buffalo Bill Yeck.


Finally finished off the weekend about “Hooked Up” with Capt Dan.  We made a short day of it, but still landed 6 walleye and another nice steelhead.


The last few trips out have raised the question….why so good one day and so tough the next?    Everyone has theories, but one thing we haven’t seen this year compared to last year is the huge pods of bait.  Many of the walleye we clean have nothing in their bellies.    We did have a steelhead that was loaded with Gobies, so that fish had to be near the bottom at some point.

I think the biggest factor is the water temp.   It is literally the same from the top to 75 ft down.    The fish don’t have to follow temp or bait and thus are all over the place.   That results in the pockets of fish where we get 2-3 quick and when we circle back they are GONE!



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