Back on Lake Erie…..Here we go!

Finished up our run on Lake Ontario in May, and our annual pike trip up north….so time to get some walleye action going out of our home port of Dunkirk!

Early to mid-June is typically a shot in the dark for us…some days are great and some not so much…and 2017 followed that pattern.   Honestly, our first trip in was a tough one…at least our fellow fisherman that day fared the same, then just 1 short week later we had fish, bait and away we go!

After we got some stable water, we were able to get our game going!  It’s a Rat Attack!   Bay Rat Long deeps were the ticket for sure, in Purple Wish, the Machine and My Secret.  4 color and 5 color off the boards was the best, with an occasional bite on the 6 color down the chute.

The story of our June has been lots of rain, t-storms and wind.  We have fish for the taking, if Mother Nature lets us get to them!


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