Young Fisherman

This season we’ve been really fortunate to have some young anglers aboard “Times Two”.  Drake, is our most experienced, and helps with the rods too!  Sam, Marco and Joey all did a great job getting their fish to the net.

Very happy to have some of our younger anglers with us!

(Drake showing off a Bay Rat Coho Crusher)

(Marco and Sam with a couple of nice eaters)

(Joey with one of the first fish of the day)


July 24

Headed back to the same spot as day before….had 2 fish on setting up and figured we were on our way!   Turned into a slow but steady pick, but today we found the little guys again, and a bunch of silver bass too.

Bay Rats continue to take their share of the fish, and the WD’s  continue to be good popping the riggers.  Rest has been a mixed bag of sticks and spoons.

By the end of the day we had Joey working the rods pretty good and even caught a walleye popping the last rod in the water!

65-70 foot of water just west of the harbor has been the most productive for us.   Still loads of the 2-3 lbers.  Not derby fish, but good eaters for sure!


July 21/22

Fishing out of Dunkirk continues to generally be very good.   As is the case from Erie Pa all the way past the “Catt”, you have to weed thru lots of undersized fish to box your keepers.

July 21 was no exception.   Had our friend Dave and his crew on board…managed a good number of bites, but lots of little ones.   Wd’s off the riggers was the best.

July 22.   Had Charlie and his brother back on board again.  Charlie, way back in 2003 was one of our very first clients…and we’ve known him long enough now to consider him a friend too.

Today was great.  25 bites, 14 in the box.   Mix of rigger bites on WD’s early, then that switched over to a good bite at the end on Bay Rats on 6 clean and with an ounce, and 7 clean and with an ounce.  Cracked Sea Corral, Purple Mist and Cheap Sunglasses again!

Not tournament winners, but will be great in the pan!

July 18 (pm)

Had Bill and his crew tonight….a retirement gift from his former co-workers that became a late gift as we had to roll to 2017.  It was worth the wait.

Left the dock a touch before 4, and struggled thru that first 45 mins or so of the afternoon blahs.  Then game on!

Boated 19 walleye, lost another 4-5, boxed 11.   Not too shabby at all!

Once we got going, had all lines firing.   Bay Rats on 6 and 7 color with and without wait.   Sticks on the 10 down the chute and 1 diver and spoons on the other and the riggers.  Fish were deep.

Not derby winners, but they will be real tasty in the pan!

And of course, the complimentary beautiful sunset on the way in….

Congratulations on your retirement, Bill!


July 16

Very proud today to have Jeff and 3 of his sons on board!  All former Marines!   We thank you for your service!

Start off with a slowwww pick to the west, not really marking much nor getting much.  In the process of moving in, had a pick at a couple so we worked that for a bit.  Then decided to move WAY inside, and the last hour and a half was pretty good!   Made a switch on the way in to some smaller diver stick baits and added some weight to the core and that seemed to really make a difference.  Popping the riggers saved us a bit today too!

Gold and Black/Silver on the divers, purple scatterraps on the divers and WDs off the riggers.

And off course northwest winds over 15 when it was supposed to be 10 knot southwest.   The year of the wind.



July 14/15

July 14

Rob, Lindsey and Drake joined us again today.  Really appreciate the loyal and returning groups!   We’ve watched Drake grow up these last few years, and he regularly helps with the rods.  Kind of choppy after the first hour, so I told him we had to pose with one of the hot Bay Rats for today when we got back to the dock.

And all Lindsey does is catch the biggest each year…..

Mix of Bay Rats on the 6 and 7 color, had a couple of stick bites on the divers too.

July 15

Mother Nature continues to throw the wind at us.    Had a 2 boat trip with Kongo today, and off course we had waves over the breakwall at first light.   Group was staying the night either way, so about 11 am when it started to calm down some we assembled the crews and shortened the day and headed out.

Not hot and heavy, but again fighting waves and wind.  Cracked Sea Coral and Cheap Sunglasses got it done for us today.


July 4

Typically don’t fish on July 4th.  When you live near the lake and the harbor, your house becomes the focal point to watch the local fireworks.   But this year, due to a variety of circumstances, we opted to take a break…which meant free time to fish!

Headed out with Gary (Kongo Charters) and his nephew Brandon on the Kongo.  Set up right in front in 65 ft and headed north… the time we were thru the first pass, and half the second, we knew we were on to something good!

This one CRUSHED the Bay Rat Cracked Sea Coral!

All in all…boxed 11 in just over 3 hours!  4 and 7 color again led the Rat attack, and 60 and 65 riggers, and 300 copper took fish too.  No diver bites.

July 3

The story of our season so far….if Mother Nature….IF MOTHER NATURE, did I say IF MOTHER NATURE !!!   lets us get out, we’ve been getting the fish…..a BIG IF!

July 3

Had David and his crew on board….worked the inside waters early and after not seeing the screens we saw the last few days, we worked the phone for a few  minutes, and moved farther offshore.  Good idea!  Thanks Ron!

Boated 11, kicked another 4 , and dropped a few.  Deep rigger with WD’s, 300 copper with a tipped stickbait, and of course our long deep bay rats off the 4, 5 and 7 color!   My secret and the machine continued to get it done!

Had a special moment today with Wayne (far right), not only his biggest fish ever, but his first fish in 55 years!  Awesome and excited to be a part of it!


June 28

Took Chris and the crew out today….under a “window” of opportunity before the winds picked up AGAIN!  Turns out the window was smaller that we expected….but we still managed to find a few…

Bay Rats….my secret and the machine we again good off the core, and we took a few off the new (to us) Silver Knight spoons from Silver Horde.

Much like our friends to the west, we continue to see good numbers of undersized fish!