July 14/15

July 14

Rob, Lindsey and Drake joined us again today.  Really appreciate the loyal and returning groups!   We’ve watched Drake grow up these last few years, and he regularly helps with the rods.  Kind of choppy after the first hour, so I told him we had to pose with one of the hot Bay Rats for today when we got back to the dock.

And all Lindsey does is catch the biggest each year…..

Mix of Bay Rats on the 6 and 7 color, had a couple of stick bites on the divers too.

July 15

Mother Nature continues to throw the wind at us.    Had a 2 boat trip with Kongo today, and off course we had waves over the breakwall at first light.   Group was staying the night either way, so about 11 am when it started to calm down some we assembled the crews and shortened the day and headed out.

Not hot and heavy, but again fighting waves and wind.  Cracked Sea Coral and Cheap Sunglasses got it done for us today.


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