July 16

Very proud today to have Jeff and 3 of his sons on board!  All former Marines!   We thank you for your service!

Start off with a slowwww pick to the west, not really marking much nor getting much.  In the process of moving in, had a pick at a couple so we worked that for a bit.  Then decided to move WAY inside, and the last hour and a half was pretty good!   Made a switch on the way in to some smaller diver stick baits and added some weight to the core and that seemed to really make a difference.  Popping the riggers saved us a bit today too!

Gold and Black/Silver on the divers, purple scatterraps on the divers and WDs off the riggers.

And off course northwest winds over 15 when it was supposed to be 10 knot southwest.   The year of the wind.



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