July 18 (pm)

Had Bill and his crew tonight….a retirement gift from his former co-workers that became a late gift as we had to roll to 2017.  It was worth the wait.

Left the dock a touch before 4, and struggled thru that first 45 mins or so of the afternoon blahs.  Then game on!

Boated 19 walleye, lost another 4-5, boxed 11.   Not too shabby at all!

Once we got going, had all lines firing.   Bay Rats on 6 and 7 color with and without wait.   Sticks on the 10 down the chute and 1 diver and spoons on the other and the riggers.  Fish were deep.

Not derby winners, but they will be real tasty in the pan!

And of course, the complimentary beautiful sunset on the way in….

Congratulations on your retirement, Bill!


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