July 21/22

Fishing out of Dunkirk continues to generally be very good.   As is the case from Erie Pa all the way past the “Catt”, you have to weed thru lots of undersized fish to box your keepers.

July 21 was no exception.   Had our friend Dave and his crew on board…managed a good number of bites, but lots of little ones.   Wd’s off the riggers was the best.

July 22.   Had Charlie and his brother back on board again.  Charlie, way back in 2003 was one of our very first clients…and we’ve known him long enough now to consider him a friend too.

Today was great.  25 bites, 14 in the box.   Mix of rigger bites on WD’s early, then that switched over to a good bite at the end on Bay Rats on 6 clean and with an ounce, and 7 clean and with an ounce.  Cracked Sea Corral, Purple Mist and Cheap Sunglasses again!

Not tournament winners, but will be great in the pan!

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