July 3

The story of our season so far….if Mother Nature….IF MOTHER NATURE, did I say IF MOTHER NATURE !!!   lets us get out, we’ve been getting the fish…..a BIG IF!

July 3

Had David and his crew on board….worked the inside waters early and after not seeing the screens we saw the last few days, we worked the phone for a few  minutes, and moved farther offshore.  Good idea!  Thanks Ron!

Boated 11, kicked another 4 , and dropped a few.  Deep rigger with WD’s, 300 copper with a tipped stickbait, and of course our long deep bay rats off the 4, 5 and 7 color!   My secret and the machine continued to get it done!

Had a special moment today with Wayne (far right), not only his biggest fish ever, but his first fish in 55 years!  Awesome and excited to be a part of it!


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