July 4

Typically don’t fish on July 4th.  When you live near the lake and the harbor, your house becomes the focal point to watch the local fireworks.   But this year, due to a variety of circumstances, we opted to take a break…which meant free time to fish!

Headed out with Gary (Kongo Charters) and his nephew Brandon on the Kongo.  Set up right in front in 65 ft and headed north…..by the time we were thru the first pass, and half the second, we knew we were on to something good!

This one CRUSHED the Bay Rat Cracked Sea Coral!

All in all…boxed 11 in just over 3 hours!  4 and 7 color again led the Rat attack, and 60 and 65 riggers, and 300 copper took fish too.  No diver bites.

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