Con Club Derby 2017

August 4, 5 and 6 we fished the 13th Annual Northern Chautauqua Conservation Club Derby (100 boat field).

Friday started out really nice..sunny, not to rough…certainly not a sign of what was coming.   Some 11 eyes later, we all started watching the western sky.   I thought it was going to blow by to the north.   I was wrong.

In seemingly a matter of minutes, we went from nice, fishable waters to complete “white out” of rain, big seas and wind.   We all made it in ok, but certainly never fun to be caught in that!   The amazing part was a number of other teams, as well as us, commented on the fact that at the height of it all…the walleye were biting!    Oh, right..the catch….same MO as much of the last month…lots of fish, lots of kickers and no size.   #47 after day 1.

Day 2 was a blow day.  Big Lake Erie waves, and the sense to not even try….    We went to breakfast and took a ride to West Marine.  We had hoped we’d have a shot later in the day…didn’t.   #47 after day 2.

Sunday (day 3)….very nice.  Put up numbers but no size again.  Very warm, very deep.  90 rigger, 250 divers, 7 and 8 color with weight.

Final standing.   #39.

Mother Nature permitting we run 4x in the next 6……


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