September 25

What a great way to end our 2017 lake season….an evening trip with Capt. Gary (Kongo) and Gerb.   As we have seen the last two weeks, so/so bite between 4:30-6:00….but then it really gets cranking the last hour before the sun hits the water!

Not to sound like a broken record….but same stuff, same depth, same lures that we have been running for the better part of the last month!

And a great sunset too!   We can only hope that 2018 will be as good as this year has been!

September 24

The last couple weeks has been beautiful.   I really can’t remember the lake being so calm for so long at this time of year.   And just when you think the fishing can’t get any better….well, there was today!

Boated our limit plus a bunch of kickers by 10 am, including a really slow first 30 mins or so.  But when she fired, she really fired.

4 man limit, and some pretty good ones in the mix, plus a really nice bonus steelhead!

Again, same stuff, same location.   Mixed it up just a touch today, running 1 ten color off each board (1 oz) with Bay Rat Purple Wish long deeps, and a rainbow smelt bay rat long shallow off one of the walkers.

Thanks to Ron at United Rentals for the set up and the guys at Allen Contractors for coming along!

September 23

Our turn to reciprocate the great fishing we had at Wilson last week, so we got Captain Al (Instigator Charters) and Captain Joe (II Bulls Charters) down for a day on Lake Erie.

Broken record again….straight out, 75-105 fow.  Fish were deep.  75 and 82 riggers, 195 to 215 on the walker divers, 300 copper, 10 color with an ounce, 8 color with and with out.  Same lures.

Great calm day, and we got to send a bunch of walleye back with our Lake Ontario (Wilson) friends!

September 18/19

Beautiful weather and calm waters continued so Gerb and I spent a couple of evenings after work looking for a few for the freezer, and watching great sunsets.

Some great fishing over 2 evenings…same stuff, same place.  One thing we did notice is bite got great after 6 pm each night, and shut off as soon as the sun “hit the water”.

September 17

The walleye fishing on Lake Erie has been fantastic when the winds have allowed us out.  But we’re at the end of the charter season, and we got an invite to head back up to Wilson for the offshore bite….it was a quick decision for the Times Two crew!  Road Trip!!

Thank you to our friend and fellow 27 Open owner, Capt. Al of Instigator Charters for the invite.   If anyone is interested in a summer trip on Lake Ontario….let us know and we will hook you up with Captain Al!

Great day on the lake….sunny, warm, calm…all the things missing all summer.  I wouldn’t say the bite was hot, but it was certainly steady and by the time we quit we had 19 bites, and would have boxed our limit if we kept everything.   Didn’t need that much salmon or trout so we left a few for next time!

Copper bite was good….not used to 400 copper and over 700 feet of line out on the boards…and riggers!   Diver bite not so much.  Mix of spoons and paddles/meat.

You didn’t expect to see Gerb with a fish, did you?

Finished off the day with a stop at Woodcock Brothers brewery in Wilson.   Great Tuna app!  Love the Irish Stout!

A really fun day…..and nice to have something take some drag!  Thanks Captain Al!


September 16

What a great way to spend a birthday…with my son and my close friend Gary!   Beautiful lake….where was that all summer???  Plentiful walleye willing to bite, and a pretty quick 3 man limit!

Broken record on the what/where.  We literally have fished more or less the same water for a month.  75-105 straight out.  Where the best bite is varies, but the fish have been plentiful and deep.

185-205 divers….we’ve been running 1 slide diver no ring, and 1 walker diver…I’d say they have been pretty even.   74-88 riggers, with WD’s mostly….pop those riggers!   300 copper with shallow stickbaits, 10 color w and w/out weight, with Bay Rats and  8 color  w and w/out weight with Bay Rats.

I know what’s for dinner!

September 11 and 13

Charters for the most part are done….boat in the water for 2 more weeks…AND you know what??   We have nothing in the freezer!!  We typically eat them as we go during the summer, and pack a few away at the end, but with the wind, and in general smaller fish this season we haven’t, yet…..

So, took a quick shot at it solo on the 11th, and with Gerb on the 13th.   Put some fish in pretty quick….plenty to eat and a few to freeze.

Rather than post more fish pics…thought I’d give you a couple nice sunsets plus proof Gerb does get to the back of the boat once in a while!

Check this next one out….mini rainbow in the cloud…..

Weekend forecast looks to be almost the best of the season so hopefully the walleye are still biting Saturday!

September 9 and 10

Sadly, we are rapidly approaching the end of the season…..BUT, we still had a few trips to go…..SO….


Well, for the 10,000th time this season, the forecast was wrong.   5-10 northeast was easily 15mph+, and it was pretty snotty to start.  Add in the effects of coming off a full moon, and the first hour and a half or so was not very good.

But we moved north,  and found some good water, and managed to get things going for JB and crew.   Deep riggers…74-88 ft, 195-215 divers, and the 300 copper with an ounce took fish.




Forecast called for better conditions, and thankfully it was.  Had a short trip today, but the bite was pretty good all things considered. Mason and Aiden were great on the rods, and their dads were content to watch them reel in the 300 copper and 10 color of the boards!


Today, a touch different set up that yesterday….Bay Rats (purple wish and the machine) off the boards with 8 color, 8 with an ounce, and 10 color with an ounce.  Sticks off the divers, and again the contenders and WDs off the deep riggers.  75-85 down, 195-205 again on the divers.. a mix of slides and walkers.

August 30

Although we’ve had multiple boat trips before, our group (Vantage Equipment) proposed something new…a fish fry at the conclusion of the trips.    While the fishing has been good, it’s always in the back of your mind for any group…what if its rough, bad weather,  bad fishing, etc, and you don’t have enough fish?

After some consideration and discussion with Dan, we opted to go  with a basic summer time picnic lunch (hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad etc) and the fish would be an extra bonus.    Chef Duper from Super Duper Catering in Dunkirk was all on board, and we were set to go!

Mother Nature was kind (which she hasn’t been this season) and gave us a beautiful day, nice seas and enough walleye that we could tell Chef pretty early in the day to get that oil ready!

Thanks to the crews of Outkast Sportfishing and Kongo Charters for helping us pull this all off, and to Chef Duper for handling the food end.

For any groups coming in next season, this might be a terrific option for you.   Now that we had a run thru, we know what to expect!

August 27/28 and bonus Lake Ontario pics

August 27

Had a two person charter…didn’t get pics…but the bite was good again and we were done pretty quick.   Hunted around for a steelie or laker, but never found one of those.   We did find walleye sitting down in the cold water though…..

August 28

The fifth time proved to be the charm for Michael and his crew, who were victims of Mother Natures winds for the last two months.  Not to say that it was calm…because it wasn’t, but despite that and a nasty current we were able to box out using a basic 5 rod spread.    No boards today!

Little WD’s off the riggers and sticks on the divers and copper.  Same stuff that’s been working for the last couple weeks!


Jack has been up on Lake Ontario with my brother, and sent a couple of pics back….