August 27/28 and bonus Lake Ontario pics

August 27

Had a two person charter…didn’t get pics…but the bite was good again and we were done pretty quick.   Hunted around for a steelie or laker, but never found one of those.   We did find walleye sitting down in the cold water though…..

August 28

The fifth time proved to be the charm for Michael and his crew, who were victims of Mother Natures winds for the last two months.  Not to say that it was calm…because it wasn’t, but despite that and a nasty current we were able to box out using a basic 5 rod spread.    No boards today!

Little WD’s off the riggers and sticks on the divers and copper.  Same stuff that’s been working for the last couple weeks!


Jack has been up on Lake Ontario with my brother, and sent a couple of pics back….

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