August 30

Although we’ve had multiple boat trips before, our group (Vantage Equipment) proposed something new…a fish fry at the conclusion of the trips.    While the fishing has been good, it’s always in the back of your mind for any group…what if its rough, bad weather,  bad fishing, etc, and you don’t have enough fish?

After some consideration and discussion with Dan, we opted to go  with a basic summer time picnic lunch (hamburgers, hot dogs, pasta salad etc) and the fish would be an extra bonus.    Chef Duper from Super Duper Catering in Dunkirk was all on board, and we were set to go!

Mother Nature was kind (which she hasn’t been this season) and gave us a beautiful day, nice seas and enough walleye that we could tell Chef pretty early in the day to get that oil ready!

Thanks to the crews of Outkast Sportfishing and Kongo Charters for helping us pull this all off, and to Chef Duper for handling the food end.

For any groups coming in next season, this might be a terrific option for you.   Now that we had a run thru, we know what to expect!

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