August 25/26

We had 4 charters scheduled in a row starting the 25th, and the way the weather has been all year, the betting money would be on some lost days, BUT…..

August 25

What a great day!   Lots of fish, and as has been the norm, lots of toss backs.

August 26

More of the same…a great problem!  Great first pass again today, and steady pick after that.

Mixed a couple doubles in, and even had a theme song (that worked) from Hannah.


So what’s working?   Same stuff the last few weeks…..  Fish have been deep, 65-75 riggers, 300 copper down the chute and a mix of sticks and spoons on 185-215 slide divers.   Purples continue to be the best color.    65-110 feet of water has had fish the last two weeks, and they are feasting on the smelt!