September 11 and 13

Charters for the most part are done….boat in the water for 2 more weeks…AND you know what??   We have nothing in the freezer!!  We typically eat them as we go during the summer, and pack a few away at the end, but with the wind, and in general smaller fish this season we haven’t, yet…..

So, took a quick shot at it solo on the 11th, and with Gerb on the 13th.   Put some fish in pretty quick….plenty to eat and a few to freeze.

Rather than post more fish pics…thought I’d give you a couple nice sunsets plus proof Gerb does get to the back of the boat once in a while!

Check this next one out….mini rainbow in the cloud…..

Weekend forecast looks to be almost the best of the season so hopefully the walleye are still biting Saturday!

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