September 16

What a great way to spend a birthday…with my son and my close friend Gary!   Beautiful lake….where was that all summer???  Plentiful walleye willing to bite, and a pretty quick 3 man limit!

Broken record on the what/where.  We literally have fished more or less the same water for a month.  75-105 straight out.  Where the best bite is varies, but the fish have been plentiful and deep.

185-205 divers….we’ve been running 1 slide diver no ring, and 1 walker diver…I’d say they have been pretty even.   74-88 riggers, with WD’s mostly….pop those riggers!   300 copper with shallow stickbaits, 10 color w and w/out weight, with Bay Rats and  8 color  w and w/out weight with Bay Rats.

I know what’s for dinner!

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