September 17

The walleye fishing on Lake Erie has been fantastic when the winds have allowed us out.  But we’re at the end of the charter season, and we got an invite to head back up to Wilson for the offshore bite….it was a quick decision for the Times Two crew!  Road Trip!!

Thank you to our friend and fellow 27 Open owner, Capt. Al of Instigator Charters for the invite.   If anyone is interested in a summer trip on Lake Ontario….let us know and we will hook you up with Captain Al!

Great day on the lake….sunny, warm, calm…all the things missing all summer.  I wouldn’t say the bite was hot, but it was certainly steady and by the time we quit we had 19 bites, and would have boxed our limit if we kept everything.   Didn’t need that much salmon or trout so we left a few for next time!

Copper bite was good….not used to 400 copper and over 700 feet of line out on the boards…and riggers!   Diver bite not so much.  Mix of spoons and paddles/meat.

You didn’t expect to see Gerb with a fish, did you?

Finished off the day with a stop at Woodcock Brothers brewery in Wilson.   Great Tuna app!  Love the Irish Stout!

A really fun day…..and nice to have something take some drag!  Thanks Captain Al!


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