September 24

The last couple weeks has been beautiful.   I really can’t remember the lake being so calm for so long at this time of year.   And just when you think the fishing can’t get any better….well, there was today!

Boated our limit plus a bunch of kickers by 10 am, including a really slow first 30 mins or so.  But when she fired, she really fired.

4 man limit, and some pretty good ones in the mix, plus a really nice bonus steelhead!

Again, same stuff, same location.   Mixed it up just a touch today, running 1 ten color off each board (1 oz) with Bay Rat Purple Wish long deeps, and a rainbow smelt bay rat long shallow off one of the walkers.

Thanks to Ron at United Rentals for the set up and the guys at Allen Contractors for coming along!

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