September 9 and 10

Sadly, we are rapidly approaching the end of the season…..BUT, we still had a few trips to go…..SO….


Well, for the 10,000th time this season, the forecast was wrong.   5-10 northeast was easily 15mph+, and it was pretty snotty to start.  Add in the effects of coming off a full moon, and the first hour and a half or so was not very good.

But we moved north,  and found some good water, and managed to get things going for JB and crew.   Deep riggers…74-88 ft, 195-215 divers, and the 300 copper with an ounce took fish.




Forecast called for better conditions, and thankfully it was.  Had a short trip today, but the bite was pretty good all things considered. Mason and Aiden were great on the rods, and their dads were content to watch them reel in the 300 copper and 10 color of the boards!


Today, a touch different set up that yesterday….Bay Rats (purple wish and the machine) off the boards with 8 color, 8 with an ounce, and 10 color with an ounce.  Sticks off the divers, and again the contenders and WDs off the deep riggers.  75-85 down, 195-205 again on the divers.. a mix of slides and walkers.

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  1. A beautiful memory was made today!! Mason hasn’t stopped talking about his experience all day! He’s already looking forward to next summer! Thank you!!

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